Natural Curls on Your Wedding Day


This is a really great look for naturally curly hair.

We kept her natural texture at the crown because she wanted it to look like her normal hair. We added a braid to the front to enhance more of that textured, everyday look. Wrapping it over the top of her bun softened the jeweled tiara. This gave her a touch of princess while at the same time keeping her natural look.

Hint: If you are considering any type of jewelry, buy individual pins rather than one big piece. This allows your stylist to create any look you want. You can change it up and experiment with various placements during your trial run. Also it’s a lot less weighty. One piece tiaras can be clunky and heavy. Like a pair of high heels, it may feel fine at first, but by the end of the night you will feel it.

The highlights she got in salon dramatically showed off her curls and added dimension to the textured bun.

Hint: if you are considering a textured look for your wedding, adding highlights to your natural hair color is almost a must. Without that contrast, the details get lost.

Lisa Mullis