A Classic

A classic style, needing a classic mane of hair. Don’t have it? Neither did this bride. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have a lion’s mane.  


Not a problem. The trick to creating this look is an extension made with human hair. This is key. Most synthetic extensions cannot be heat treated - no curling irons. They will be useless for styling. Also check the weight of the piece. If it feels heavy in your hands, it’s going to feel heavy in your hair. All day. And if you have fine hair, it may not hold.

When shopping colors, rather than trying to find the precise color match to your hair, why not go for a shade lighter or darker. This will add dimension and show off the texture of the style. If in doubt, go slightly lighter for that highlighted look. Most up styles actually look better with some color differentiation. 

We love working with extensions because it gives us more to create with. And we always recommend a trial run. Especially if you have purchased extensions and aren’t sure how they will hold in your hair. It saves a lot of stress on the day of.


Lisa Mullis